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Why should you install a remote start system?

There is a solid reason why automatic remote vehicle starts have become one of the most popular automotive innovations of the 21st century. The use of remote auto starts has a variety of benefits for car owners and their vehicles. These systems allow you to start your vehicle from a distance, which is quite helpful for maintaining a consistent temperature inside of your car, particularly while driving in Shinnston, where the summers are scorching, and the winters are bone-chilling!

This article takes an in-depth look at what an automated car start is, the many types of remote starters available, and the several advantages of installing a remote car starter at Alpha Tint.

Understanding the term “remote start system.” 

A remote start system, or remote auto starter is a gadget that can start your vehicle’s engine from a predetermined distance using a remote control. It is a wireless, radio-frequency-controlled device that is controlled by a small handpiece you can keep inside your pocket like a key. Some versions have a range of operation between 500 and 1,000 feet, while others have an operational range that is even greater than this.

Why should you install a remote start system?

Get Your Car Started From a Distance

With a keyless car starter, you can start your vehicle from inside any building, home or work. A remote start is convenient in the winter when you have to warm up your car and wait for the ice and snow to melt before you can start driving.

So, rather than standing in the bitter weather chipping away at the ice, you can save time and avoid being frozen by starting your vehicle remotely, warming it up and letting that ice and snow melt away while you enjoy another mug of coffee!

Beneficial to Your Vehicle’s Engine

Thanks to remote auto starters, you can start your vehicle from a distance before you are ready to travel, which gives your car more time to warm up. If you allow your vehicle’s engine sufficient time to warm up before driving, mainly when the temperature is low, you will extend its lifespan and improve its overall performance.

Warming up your vehicle for several minutes before driving may help increase gas efficiency by thinning the oil and allowing it to circulate more freely. On the other hand, if you start your car and immediately start driving, your engine will have to work harder than it usually would, resulting in more significant gas usage.


Security elements designed to prevent theft are standard on many car remote starts. If you lock the doors and start the automobile remotely, the car will remain locked. Also, the car won’t start without the key in the ignition, and if a thief gets inside while it’s running and attempts to drive off, the brake will automatically cut the power to the engine.

If you use a starter with an alarm and a disconnect button, you can activate additional safety measures if your vehicle is stolen.

Where can you find the experts to install a remote start system? 

If you are interested in having a remote start system installed in your vehicle, you can get in contact with one of the team of qualified technicians at Alpha Tint & Detail Center. You can give us a call on +1 304-216-6689 for remote start systems in Shinnston, West Virginia.  Our premises are located at 434 Pike Street, Shinnston, West Virginia 2643.

Alpha Tint is an industry leader in the car detailing sector, offering everything you need to make your car look and perform like new. Call us today to get advice from our experts about remote start systems!

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