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Who we are?

Team Alpha goes above and beyond in our quest for customer satisfaction. We stand out from our competition by offering a high-end “boutique style” experience, unlike any other automotive service business. Our employee training and development program ensures that our staff is on the cutting edge of technology for all services we provide with efficient processes. This has enabled our continued growth and success.

Our Member

Ed Bews

Detailers movement did an amazing job on my truck, the paint correction and ceramic coating are top notch. After two weeks of daily driving in rain conditions with no difficulty whatsoever it looked like I just had a new vehicle! They replaced all badges that were chrome plated for gloss black ones which made such a noticeable difference to make this old ride look brand spanking new again

SEO Team

Thanks to his solid SEO and Detailers movement did a full 3-stage paint correction and applied pro ceramic coating. I was amazed at the pics they sent me during the process, my truck looked better than new! The finish exceeded expectations; it repelled water making cleaning so much easier for me too after two weeks of driving in rain every day with no sign that it had been dirty beforehand – even getting replaced all chrome badges by Distinctive Detailing which were gloss black instead just like what you see on newer models now days

Joey C Love

I am so thrilled at how incredible my vehicle turned out! I have spent countless hours doing my research into CQuartz, and its competitors. If you are also looking to find the best coating or installer for your car needs STOP now because we found them in Sean who has top-tier customer service skills combined with attention to detail second to none