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How Long Does Paint Protection Film (PPF) Last?

The sun’s ultraviolet radiation and other elements in the surrounding environment will cause a vehicle’s paint to fade over time. While modern automobiles are designed to operate in harsh environments, this does not mean that they are invulnerable to damage. Paint protection film has become a popular option for automobile owners who want to save the paintwork on their vehicles. You can learn more about the advantages of getting paint protection film and how long it lasts by reading this blog post provided by Alpha Tint.

paint protection film

Why should you invest in PPF, and what are its benefits?

Protects against color fading

The sun and different types of precipitation, such as rain and snow, are some examples of environmental factors which contribute to fading. In addition, a car’s paint will experience fading due to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation if it is exposed to varying light levels during the day. Because of its distinctive chemical features, PPF offers protection against fading.

It is possible for vehicles that have protective films applied to their paint to prevent damage such as dents, swirl marks, rock chips and debris from the road. The vast majority of automobiles are made from metal, which corrodes quickly and may lead to a variety of further issues if exposed to the elements. Your vehicle will retain its pristine appearance while being protected with PPF.

Self healing properties

Paint protection films can even mend themselves if they are damaged! The composition of the film comprises many layers, which preserve the vehicle’s paint and repair any tiny scratches that may have occurred. This is achieved thanks to a urethane coating which is resistant to minor scratches. In addition, slight scratches on the outside of the vehicle may be fixed by washing it in warm water or keeping it in direct sunlight for some time.

It prevents chemical reactions from occurring.

Sand and salt are often thrown out on roadways to help melt snow and ice. Your car’s finish will eventually get damaged due to the harsh chemicals it is exposed to. They are detrimental to the condition of your vehicle since they cause the paint to deteriorate and increase the likelihood of corrosion. PPF stops harmful chemicals from infiltrating a car’s paintwork so that the paint lasts longer. In addition, acidic bird droppings or rain that fall on your vehicle will have less of an effect on its paintwork. Because of this, the automobile will keep its pristine state for a much more extended period.

How long does paint protection film (PPF) take to wear off?

Before investing in PPF, you must thoroughly understand how long the product will last. The actual lifespan of PPF ranges between 5 and 7 years. On the other hand, this may change based on how you drive, how you maintain the PPF and how much wear and tear it is subjected to. As time goes on, the self healing capabilities will lose some of their effectiveness.


If you want to maintain the perfect state of the finish on your automobile for as long as possible, it is imperative that you get car paint protection film from Alpha Tint. The fact that paint protection film is of such excellent quality and can be used for an extended period also contributes to an increase in vehicle resale value. You may contact us by calling the number 13042166689, or you can come to see us in person at 434 Pike Street, Shinnston, West Virginia, 26431. Make your appointment as soon as possible!

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